Sunday, May 10, 2009

Outraged Over "Outrage"

Hey Clearview's Chelsea Theater, if you're gonna be the only place in NYC to show Kirby Dick's brilliant documentary Outrage, how's about showing it right? I'll grant that maybe the video exhibition might not be your fault--maybe Magnolia didn't make any prints. It's certainly plausible. But how's about springing for a video projector worth a fuck? The resolution was horrifying-- you could barely read the credits, and the whole thing was vaguely not-quite-in-focus. On top of that, it wasn't even configured to the screen properly-- they didn't adjust the throw, so they projected the 4x3 image into the middle of the 16x9 screen, but then the 16x9 image of the movie was letterboxed into the center of that 4x3 video projection. In other words, we were looking at a rectangle inside a square inside a rectangle.

When I saw Outrage at Tribeca, I'm pretty sure it was being video-projected as well. I say "pretty sure" because it wasn't blantantly, painfully obvious like it was at Clearview's Chelsea. If we're gonna pay $12.50 a pop to see a movie, the picture quality should be better than if I downloaded it and watched it at home.


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