Monday, May 11, 2009

A proper introduction (or what the hell is this thing?)

Because of the way this blog began--as the vehicle for my daily reports for DVD Talk during the Tribeca Film Festival--I never did any kind of a formal introduction or mission statement or statement nailed to a church door or anything of that nature. It was just intended to be used for my Tribeca correspondence, and then summarily discarded. But I really liked the layout and the ease of updating, and besides, I don't write up everything I see for publication on DVD Talk, but I do need to write up everything I see, because practice makes perfect.

So here we are. I'll try to accomplish a few different goals with this blog. First and foremost, I'll cross-post all of the reviews I write for DVD Talk (the ones from before I started the blog are listed in the links to the left). I'll also post tidbits and links and trailers for films that I'm excited about (and, perhaps, some that I'm not so excited about). I will, occasionally, rant and rail about some stupid film-related thing or another.

But the most important (to me) thing that I'm trying to do here is something I've been working on for a while: back-filling my film knowledge. As many films as I've seen, there are still some embarassing holes in my expertise. There are a tremendous number of individual titles that I'll be checking out in the upcoming months (starting with The Manchurian Candidate tomorrow); I'll also work through a few film series of my own choosing, including:
  • Cassavettes
  • The "lesser" Altmans
  • Bob Dylan's interesting cinematic failures
  • Orson Welles: He did some other stuff besides Citizen Kane
  • The rise and fall of Bogdanovich
  • The Harold Lloyd comedies
And so on. So that's the plan. Thanks for reading; I'm going to try to post every day, just because I should be writing something every day.

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