Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today's New DVDs- 5/19/09

Here's some of the notable titles hitting DVD and Blu today:

3 Days of the Condor (Blu-ray): Mid-period Pollack at his best; a terrific 70s paranoia potboiler with terrific performances by Redford and Dunaway (Bonus: it got a shout-out in Out of Sight).

A Bug's Life (Blu-ray): One of my favorite Pixar efforts, and while I've mostly avoided re-buying movies on Blu that I already have on standard def, Pixar's Blu-rays always look phenomenal (and according to our friend John at DVD Talk, this one is no exception).

El Dorado: A rip-roarin' good time of a Western from the great Howard Hawks, and starring the Duke and Bob Mitchum. I just saw this one for the first time a couple of months back, and while it's no Rio Bravo, well, few things in this life are.

Valkyrie: For all the shuffling around the release schedule and talk of disaster, Bryan Singer's Tom-Cruise-takes-on-the-Nazis thriller is a surprisingly sharp, enjoyably suspenseful B-movie.

Yonkers Joe: One half a great, Mametesque lowlife procedural, one half a bullshit made-for-TV family drama.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop: Yes, now you can enjoy the fatty-fall-down-go-boom jokes of Kevin James' inexplicable hit over and over again in the comfort of your own home. Probably while eating a KFC Famous Bowl.

Deflating The Elephant: The Framed Messages Behind Conservative Dialogue: I'm a hardcore, never-say-die progressive, and even I was bored to tears by this pedantic, dull diatribe.

The Friends of Eddie Coyle: New this week from the Criterion Collection is a later Mitchum picture from director Peter Yates; I haven't seen it, but DVD Talk's reliable Paul Mavis says it's not to be missed.

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