Friday, May 29, 2009

Today's New In Theaters- 5/29/09

Up: I'm out of my head to see the latest from those geniuses at Pixar; WALL-E was one of my top two of last year, Ratatouille was in my top 10 of the year previous. But I won't have a free evening until the middle of next week, and I'm avoiding the kid-infested matinees during opening weekend. I mean seriously, they think this movie was made for them or something. At any rate, the reviews have been expectantly enthusiastic; Drew at Motion/Captured thinks it may be Pixar's best film yet, while Ebert calls it "another masterwork from Pixar."

Drag Me To Hell: Raimi's return to horror/comedy really is a blast--a smart, knowing blast that revels in the conventions of its vintage B-movie roots. Orndorff at DVD Talk dug it too, as did Movieline's Seth Abramovitch.

Departures: I saw this year's Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film at Tribeca, and while I respected it and liked much of it, I couldn't muster up a great deal of enthusiasm for it. Ebert liked it more than I did. So have most other critics.

Pressure Cooker: I'm gonna do my best not to turn this front page into a fan site for Mark Becker and Jennifer Grausman's remarkable documentary. Just go see the goddamn thing, all right?

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