Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Feedback from somebody cool!

Now, this is cool: I got an email from Jeff Garlin about my review of his new stand-up disc, which went up over at DVD Talk early this morning:

"I read your review of 'Young and Handsome: A Night with Jeff Garlin' and...I thought it was excellent. Here's a little piece of info about why it's the way it is. Usually when you shoot a special you film two shows (we were all set to shoot on 35). However on the day of the shoot I lost my voice. Truly the first time I had to cancel a show in 27 years of doing stand up. Without going into to great detail we shot another night, but we could only afford to shoot one performance and not on film but high def. So with only one performance Bob and I chose to cut it that way. It still would have been very loose but much funnier if I had two shows to cut together. Oh well, moving on. Thanks for your well written, thoughtful and kind review.

I'm genuinely a fan of this guy, so this was a real thrill for me.

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