Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Loose Ends: Rare Scorsese, Cheap DVDs, and more

I continue to be amazed by the stuff that you can find, just streaming places on the Internet. American Boy is a terrific hour-or-so-long documentary that Martin Scorsese made around the same time as The Last Waltz. Prince is a fascinating oddball that he used (in small roles) in Taxi Driver and New York, New York; this loose, informal doc basically consists of Marty prompting him to tell his strange stories, which he does, vividly.

It's not officially available on DVD anywhere (I have a copy of a Kim's Video bootleg), and saw only a tiny VHS release, paired with another short Scorsese doc called Italianamerican. I saw both at the Wichita Art Museum back in college, and then at last December's Lincoln Center Scorsese retrospective. I had no idea you could just go watch the damn thing on the Internet:

Here's the link to Google Video for Facebook readers; big ups to Subterranean Cinema for the tip-in.

Hey, if you're like me (and I know I am), you may like buying DVDs. Even before I was reviewing discs and had a steady stream of stuff to watch, I still tended to do the bulk of my movie buying over two periods of the year: the summer and fall Deep Discount/DVD Planet 25% off sales. That sale is on, from now until Sunday, August 2nd; just enter the savings code "DVDTALK" at Deep Discount or "25OFFSALE" at DVD Planet (FWIW, the starting prices appear to be lower on most items at Deep Discount, though the two sites' prices used to be pretty much interchangable).

As a Groucho fan, I thought this was pretty cool. At my "real job" tonight, I got to edit some amazing video of this event, but I can't find it online anywhere; if it turns up, I'll update accordingly.

Todd Barry is a funny dude; I saw him do a very funny set at Caroline's a couple of weeks back. On this page of his website, he's got some thoughtful quotes to use in your email signature. Steal them liberally!

Exciting news about that full-on Metropolis restoration. (Thanks to Drew at Motion/Captured for the link.)

Oh and hey, I wrote this round-up of the Rifftrax DVDs for DVD Talk. Just got the rest of the set today-- THANKS TO THE DEEP DISCOUNT 25% OFF SALE. (See what I did there? I brought everything together.)

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