Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Loose Ends: Soderbergh, TCM, "Funny People", and more

I wanna lead with this one: TCM is doing their usual "Summer Under The Stars" in August, in which they devote each day of the month to a different star and run their movies for 24 hours. That's worth seeing anyway, so check out the schedule. But this year, they did something very cool: they commissioned a series of twelve new posters for twelve classic movies, and kudos to whoever did them. Check out the gallery here (courtesy Rope of Silicon); my two favorites are the Jailhouse Rock poster (right) and the eye-catcher for Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (thanks to Movieline for the tip-in on this).

Steven Soderbergh gave Guardian a candid and kind of sad interview where he indicates that he may be running out of gas, at least in terms of getting the kind of films made that he wants to take the time and energy to make. Give it a read here; I also dug Movieline's commentary on it, in which they say that his voluminous output may have something to do with his current state of mind.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Do The Right Thing (what's that you say? Looking for a good review of the new Blu-ray edition of the film? All right, if you insist), New York Magazine went back to the Block on Bed-Stuy with Spike for this piece (thanks to Drew at Motion/Captured for the link). And speaking of New York... I meant, long before now, to post this dynamite piece they did last month about Whatever Works. It's got some terrific interview stuff with Woody and Larry, some photos of them that warmed the cockels of my heart, and a really interesting analysis of Jewish comedy: where it's at, where it's going, and how these two men fit into it.

Finally, we're just under three weeks to the new Apatow movie, Funny People, and here's the red-band trailer, which I'm crazy about:

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