Friday, July 10, 2009

Today's New in Theaters: 7/10/09

Brüno: There are huge laughs and plenty of squirms to be found in the latest from Sacha Baren Cohen and his Borat director Larry Charles. Its only real flaw is that it feels slightly stale; Borat was such a fresh, new hybrid of comedy and documentary that this one feels, in spots, like an imitation.

I Love You, Beth Cooper: Chris Columbus hasn't directed a watchable film since... let's see... yeah, I'm gonna have to go back to Nine Months. His latest, an awful-looking attempt to make a throwback John Hughes-style comedy, certainly doesn't appear in line to break that trend. Orndorf at DVD Talk posted a pretty good shredding of it.

Humpday: This low-budget comedy looks pretty good, and Movieline is just over the moon about it. It's only in New York and Seattle for the first week, though.

Soul Power: The music, of course, is remarkable. Too bad there's so little of it in this documentary look at the Zaire '74 music festival, intended to lead up to the Ali-Foreman "Rumble in the Jungle." It's worth checking out, but it will leave you wanting more, more, more.

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