Friday, July 24, 2009

Today's New in Theaters: 7/24/09

The Ugly Truth: The ugly truth is, you'd have to pay me six figures to get me into a theater to see this trash. Orndorf's review pretty much confirms my gut reaction to the trailers--plus, he wisely calls out its star/producer, loathsome ol' Katherine Heigl, for her now-hypocritical critique of Knocked Up.

I've got nothing against a good evil kid movie, but this one looks too broad and obvious for me-- really, that's her costume? That's her hair? Really? Besides, star Vera Fermiga already made a great evil kid movie: the underseen Joshua. From what I've read about this film, she's basically doing the same role again. Ah well. Ebert liked it.

G-Force: I realize I'm not the audience for this, but Christ does it look stupid--and according to AV Club, it's got a pretty shameful pedigree. And why, Zach, why?

In The Loop: The pick of the week is this crazy smart, laugh-out-loud British comedy about the run-up to a war suspiciously similar to Iraq. Great performances and huge laughs all around; if you're in one of this picture's "selected cities," knock yourself out.

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