Saturday, August 1, 2009

Loose Ends: Good trailers, "Seinfeld," cheap Criterions

Another fall, another new Coen Brothers movie. I like the rate at which these guys are working, and I really like the odd, experimental vibe of this teaser for their October release, A Serious Man.

So there's a trailer for a real (and real good-looking movie). Here, ingeniously, is a trailer for a movie that doesn't exist. But some very sharp cutter combined clips from several movies and imagined what Ghostbusters would have looked like if it were made 30 years earlier-- with Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, and Fred Macmurray in the leading roles. I don't know why he did or how he did it, but here it is:

This kind of reminds me of that clever "trailer" for Orson Welles' The Bat Man that popped up a couple years back.

I should have posted this a while ago: Barnes & Noble is doing an amazing sale where you can get 50% off on all of their Criterion DVDs and Blu-rays, making them pretty much $20 a pop (a steal for that label). It only runs through Monday, but here's the link.

Just seeing this picture makes me happy in ways I can hardly begin to explain.

Oh, and last time on "Loose Ends," when I embedded that rare Scorsese doc American Boy, I mentioned its companion piece Italianamerican. My resourceful buddy Mike, after enjoying the first film, found that Italianamerican has been posted on YouTube, albeit broken into ten minute chunks.

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