Monday, August 10, 2009

Loose Ends: "Wild Things", John Hughes, Ebert, and more

They are killing me with these amazing Where The Wild Things Are trailers. Can it just be October 16th, already?

Best line from Roger Ebert's post-opening day review of GI Joe: "There is never any clear sense in the action of where anything is in relation to anything else. You get more of a binary action strategy. You see something, it fires. You see something else, it gets hit. Using the power of logic, you deduce that the first thing was aiming at the second thing."

AV Club has started a new feature called "Scenic Routes" where they examine and break down just one scene from a seminal picture. The inaugural entry, on the Molina scene from Boogie Nights, was quite good; this week, they tackle everyone's favorite scene from Double Indemnity, a film you really should make time to see if you haven't.

And finally, I haven't said much about the death of John Hughes, because my feelings about him are fairly complex; I don't think all of his films have held up (as iconic and of-the-moment as it was, The Breakfast Club is pretty painful to watch today with an honest eye) and his degeneration into a writer of poor, repititious kids' films (seriously, how many movies did he write with the wacky-criminals-slapstick third act?) was shameful. But he did give us Planes, Trains, and Automobies and Uncle Buck and Ferris Bueller and the Vacation movies and Sixteen Candles, and that is certainly worth celebrating.

At any rate, I've watched this expertly-crafted montage of moments from his films a couple of times and like it quite a bit.


  1. Word on the WTWTA trailers. Killing me and can't wait.

    And RIP, John Hughes. You made a world of teens feel less alone.