Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today's New DVDs- 9/29/09

The Girlfriend Experience: Steven Soderbergh's profile of a high-priced Manhattan call girl is experimental in structure and style, but then again, we'd expect nothing less of our most reliably unconventional filmmaker--only Soderbergh would hire a porn star and then have her front a movie that's more about honesty and commerce than sex. My review link above is for the VOD/theatrical release in May; here's Rich's review, with some additional insights and info on the extras and A/V quality.

Away We Go: Sam Mendes' 180-degree follow-up to Revolutionary Road is light, sweet, and funny, and John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph are just perfect in its leading roles. The picture is a touch uneven (the Allison Janney and Maggie Gyllenhaal segments are too broad by a mile), but it's still awfully good.

Management: The raw materials are promising, but Stephen Belber's stalker/romantic/coming-of-age comedy/drama can't find a tone that works; it veers wildly from zany comedy to heartfelt drama, but isn't nimble enough to negotiate its own wide turns.

How I Met Your Mother- Season 4: I was late to the HIMYM party; we didn't start watching until this most recent season, after a marathon catch-up viewing of the first three seasons. It remains an engaging, funny, inventive program; I'll have a full review of this Blu-ray release (the show's first) in the next week or so.

42nd Street Forever Vol. 5- Alamo Drafthouse Cinema: I'm the proud owner of all of the "42nd Street Forever" discs to date (even the un-numbered "XXX-treme Special Edition" disc-- dirty!) and this one is on pre-order; they're a hoot for fans of 70s cinema and kitsch in general. Paul Mavis' DVD Talk review promises more of the same good stuff.

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