Friday, October 9, 2009

One year at DVD Talk

So one year ago today, November 9th of 2008, I posted my first review, Ballast, on DVD Talk. Frankly, I kinda got into it on a lark; I'd written film criticism off and on, and with a fair degree of seriousness, for years, but I certainly didn't anticipate how writing for the site was going to reorganize my priorities and, well, kind of change my life when I first submitted a sample and pitched myself to them a month or so before that. All I wanted to get out of it was some free DVDs.

But having a forum for my thoughts on film (and TV, and music, and stand-up, and whatever) quickly became pretty addictive, and the more I wrote, the better I wanted to be. I found myself plunging back into the works of Kael and Ebert, as well as the sharp and informed reviews of many of my colleagues at the site; they made me work harder, try harder, rework a phrase here, find a better reference there. Somewhere around the time that John Sinnott, my excellent editor, got me a press pass to the Tribeca Film Festival, I got my first taste of being a real film writer, and I wanted more. I started this blog, cranked up my productivity, and started working harder.

So thanks to everyone there who supports me, everyone here and there who reads me, my wife who never stops believing in me, and my friends, for frequently tagging along and letting me steal from our post-movie conversations.

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