Friday, October 2, 2009

Today's New in Theaters- 10/2/09

Holy shit, look at this week. Four new movies, and all of them either are good, or look good. Happy fall!

Zombieland: No less than three other DVD Talk writers got an early look at this horror/action/comedy, and all but one had good things to say about it; that's a miracle over there. It seems that the movie has buzz on its side, and for good reason: it delivers fully on the guilt-free good time promised in its ads. (AV Club liked it too.)

Whip It: I like pretty much everybody involved in this one, from director/co-star Drew Barrymore and through the rest of the cast, which includes Ellen Page, Kristen Wiig, and Marcia Gay Harden. Ebert gives it a glowing review, noting of Barrymore: "In her debut as a director, Barrymore shows she must have been paying attention ever since Spielberg cast her when she was 5."

A Serious Man: The Coen Brothers' latest certainly has its moments; they've seldom been given the opportunity to so freely indulge their sprung comic sensibilities. But it doesn't quite add up the way their best stuff usually does; you keep waiting for it to all come together, and it never really happens.

The Invention of Lying: Ebert's also nuts for Ricky Gervais' big-screen debut as a (co)writer/director; it seems that there's a lot more happening in this one than the (admittedly clever) trailers let on. "Watching the movie, I thought -- oh, yeah, that's right: It's October. Good movies are allowed again." Amen to that, brother Roger.

Also, Capitalism: A Love Story goes wide; a perfect date movie for those of us who are in the lower 99%, and are steamed up about it.

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