Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today's New DVDs- 11/10/09

Up: Best film of the year so far, bar none, end of discussion.

Ballast: And one of last year's best films finally makes its long-awaited debut on DVD and Blu. It's a small masterpiece. Go find it.

The General (Blu-ray): And one of the best films of all time hits Blu-ray as well. ( gives it high marks.) Good lord, I'm spending too much on Blu-rays this week.

Heat (Blu-ray): Pacino and DeNiro faced off for the first (and best) time in Michael Mann's sprawling, brilliant cops-and-robbers drama. The new Blu is in my stack at home; review is forthcoming.

The Ugly Truth: And here's one for all you masochists out there; one more reason to hate Katherine Heigl. (Orndorf was not a fan.)

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