Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today's New DVDs- 11/17/09

Well, this is a good week to blow a paycheck on DVDs and Blu-rays.

Star Trek: J.J. Abrams' deservedly celebrated "reboot" of one of pop culture's most venerable franchises is thrilling, beautifully made, and infectiously fun.

Bruno: Sacha Baron Cohen (and director Larry Charles) followed up Borat with this similarly-styled mock-doc shock comedy; it sunk quickly at the box office, and can't recapture its predecessor's subversive glee, but it still has some awfully funny stuff in it.

The Kevin Smith 3-Movie Collection (Blu-ray): One so-so movie (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back), one great movie (Clerks) and one modern masterpiece (Chasing Amy) make up this new Blu collection from one of our most undeservedly polarizing filmmakers.

Andy Barker, P.I.: The Complete Series: Here's a funny show that you didn't see, gone after a too-brief six outings; it's the kind of fast, funny, smart TV comedy that is constantly getting the quick cancellation, while junk like Two and a Half Men thrives.

Margaret Cho- Beautiful: It's been a long time since I'm The One That I Want and Notorious C.H.O., as this only fitfully funny concert DVD confirms.

The Limits of Control: There are few filmmakers I'm more willing to trust than Jim Jarmusch, but he blows that trust big-time with this aimless, meandering, and downright boring journey of self-indulgence.

Sex, Lies, and Videotape (Blu-ray): Twenty years after its release, Steven Soderbergh's out-of-nowhere breakthrough picture still holds water, and stands as perhaps the most personal film to date from the idiosyncratic filmmaker.

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