Friday, December 4, 2009

Today's New in Theaters- 12/4/09

Up in the Air: Ebert notes, in his four-star review, of director Jason Reitman: "He makes smart, edgy mainstream films. That's harder than making smart, edgy indies." True that, brother Roger. His latest is a superb piece of work, whip-smart and funny, and when it gets sharp, it cuts. This is one not to miss.

Brothers: Jim Sheridan is a director I trust; he's made several legitimately great movies (In The Name of the Father, The Boxer, In America), and he's got a solid cast of good actors with real chops who don't always get the chance to show them. Ebert gives it a rave, while Movieline is more indifferent.

Everybody's Fine: It may play like DeNiro's remake of About Schmidt, but this bittersweet family drama sports some terrific performances, and the best work that the increasingly-unreliable lead has done in years.

Armored: Back when the trailers for this slicked-up thriller started appearing, comic Brian Posehn remarked on Twitter, "Doesn't Armored look like a movie you already saw and hated?" But Ornorf says it's entertaining, and it certainly has an interesting cast.

Serious Moonlight: I really wanted to like this one, what with its heartbreaking backstory and all, but it's a pretty flaccid affair, stagey and contrived (and wasting the wonderful Kristen Bell).

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  1. i was lucky to watch Armored movie. it was depicting marvelous robbery event done by security company guards. when one of them killed cop Ty , a team member of robbery< against them. nice plot.