Friday, January 8, 2010

Today's New In Theaters- 1/8/10

Welcome to the Dead Zone. January is traditionally the cinematic dumping ground, the place where studios toss their least-promising, lowest-quality releases, with the understanding that big moneymakers were released in time for lucrative holiday business, and prestige pictures were out in time to qualify for Oscars and other year-end awards. Mostly, we're just seeing runoff movies this week, ones that we never got around to, or that are just hitting smaller markets after small-scale releases over the last several weeks. But there are some new titles. Beare of them.

Daybreakers: If there was ever a movie that was meant to be released on January 8th, this is it. It's a slick, stupid vampire movie (can't get enough of those!), terrible in just about every imagineable way--and yet, somehow, it's at 65% on the Tomatometer. That's a mere three points higher than Sherlock Holmes. I have absolutely no explanation for this.

Leap Year: I sure do like Amy Adams (and Matthew Goode, for that matter), but A.O. Scott's review confirms all of my worst suspicions: this looks terrible. She she goes to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend, but the charming local who is going to help her is handsome, and they hate each other at first but OMG WHAT IF THEY FELL IN LOVE INSTEAD??!?!?!1!1!!

Youth In Revolt: This is one I'm actually interested in; it's getting mostly good reviews (Ebert and Movieline both like it) and the trailers are intriguing, even if it feels like Zach Galifianakis' participation is being oversold in the wake of The Hangover. So why the crap release date? Well, it's being handled by the Weinsteins. 'Nuff said.

Sweetgrass: And yes, my Montana sheep herder documentary is playing in New York. It's rich and fascinating! It's about the last American cowboys! Okay, I'm not gonna sell you on it, fine.

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