Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Today's New DVDs- 2/2/09

Zombieland: It can't quite match the high bar it sets for itself by working so clearly in the mold of Shaun of the Dead, Ghostbusters, and the Evil Dead movies, but Ruben Fleischer's zombie action comedy is a pretty good time all the same.

New York, I Love You: Anthology films, by their nature, can tend to be a little hit and miss (how ya doin, Four Rooms); this follow-up to the lovely Paris Je T'aime boasts a less impressive crew of directors, and its lulls stop the film from time to time in a way its predecessor's never did. But there's some really good stuff here, particularly the segments by Allen Hughes, Natalie Portman, and Joshua Mastron.

TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection- The Marx Brothers: The Brothers Marx are the greatest of all comedy teams, but these are not their best films; A Day at the Races is the best of the bunch, but At the Circus is a real dog and Room Service and A Night in Casablanca, thogh better than their reputations, are still problematic. It's a bargain set, but I'm still not quite sure who it's for.

The Godfather (Blu-ray), The Godfather Part II (Blu-ray): I'm not sure what I can say to sell you on two of the greatest films ever made, but I did my best in these reviews. The bottom line on these new stand-alone Blu-ray releases, however, is that you're better off going with the full box set that came out a year and change ago.

Mystic River (Blu-ray): Clint Eastwood's outstanding 2003 crime drama (from the novel by Dennis Lahane) retains its considerable quiet power; this was the beginning of his most recent hot streak, and it's still a killer.

Wanda Sykes: I'ma Be Me: It runs out of steam towards the end of its too-heavy 90 minute running time, but Wanda Sykes' most recent special is still one of the funnier stand-up shows in recent memory.

Amelia: I was actually kind of looking forward to this-- Hillary Swank in an Amelia Earhart biopic, directed by Mira Nair? Alrighty, sure, sign me up. Then the reviews came in. Good heavens.

Love Happens: The kind of movie that should be advertised with a yellow "always save" package and the title GENERIC VANILLA ROMANCE.

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