Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today's New DVDs- 2/23/10

The Informant!: It's not a conventional comedy, by any stretch of the imagination; indeed, Soderbergh's latest isn't verbal comedy or character comedy, but tone comedy. Most of the laughs lie not in what happens, but in the slightly cock-eyed way the events unfold for the viewer. It's a risky movie, and certainly easy to dislike, but I found it oddly rewarding and awfully funny.

An Englishman in New York: It's a lightweight, inconsequential fluff of a movie, but man oh man is John Hurt insanely good in it.

Everybody's Fine: It's derivative, yes (DeNiro is clearly trying to remake About Schmidt), and occasionally obvious. But the acting is stellar and the filmmaking is solid and workmanlike, and it gets into some surprising emotional complexities for a PG-13 Christmastime release.

Cinematic Titanic- The Alien Factor: Cinematic Titanic, the second spin-off group from Mystery Science Theater 3000 (this one is heavier on the original folks, while Rifftrax favors the later cast), is consistantly funny, if not quite as prolific as their Rifftrax bretheren, but they've stumbled on to a new angle with their latest releases: recording them at their live shows, instead of the MST-style silhouette studio shoots of their first few discs. It worked beautifully on their last release, East Meets Watts; Brian Orndorf gives this one a rave.

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