Friday, February 19, 2010

Today's New in Theaters- 2/19/10

Shutter Island: A new Scorsese is always a cause for celebration, and there's much to admire about his spooky adaptation of Dennis Lahane's novel. But it's mid-level Marty--sharp and entertaining, and beautifully made, but never transcending its B-movie roots in the way his best works so often do.

The Ghost Writer: It's a little strange, considering how much Roman Polanski has been in the news lately, how his most recent effort is sort of sneaking into theaters. I understand, of course (no one wants to seem like they're getting free pub off an old rape charge), and maybe it will make more noise when it breaks wide, but I didn't even realize until today that it was out. Point is, review forthcoming; for whatever it's worth, the Voice mostly likes it.

The Good Guy: I saw this one clear back at last yer's Tribeca Film Festival and remain befuddled by it; it starts so badly, but then goes some genuinely interesting places in its back half. Not one to run out to the theaters for, by any stretch, but maybe one to earmark for the Netflix queue.

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