Friday, February 5, 2010

Today's New in Theaters- 2/5/10

Dear John: As if what I think of this movie would deter one member of its target audience. But if it would: It stinks.

From Paris With Love: I gotta be honest with you, I'd normally find myself interested in a John Travolta action movie directed by the guy who did Taken, but that cutesy shout-out to Pulp Fiction in the commercials really gets under my skin. As Roger Ebert notes, "the last thing you should do is remind the audience of a movie they'd rather be home watching."

District 13: Ultimatum: Just because something has subtitles doesn't mean it's artsy, and just because it sounds like it's the sequel to District 9 doesn't make it so.

Terribly Happy: This week's best new release is the one you're least likely to see (not to cast aspersions on your tolerance for Danish noir). But it's a screwily entertaining little gem, with some good shocks and laughs and a genuinely unpredictable sense of storytelling.

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