Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Night at the Movies: "Help!"

Welcome to "Saturday Night at the Movies," a weekly feature in which I'll share a full-length movie, available for honest-to-God free on the Internet, that gets the ol' JB stamp of approval.

One of the greatest things my Uncle Dave ever did for me was introduce me to the Beatles. He did so in several stages--playing the early, infectious, bubble-gum music, then the later stuff, and then, once I was hooked, the movies. Way back in the days before I had a VCR (I shudder remembering that dark time), my eighth birthday present was a VCR rental and an accompanying VHS rental of A Hard Day's Night. But he chose that one only because it was the only Beatles movie available on video at that time-- he always claimed that, contrary to popular opinion, he preferred their second film (and second collaboration with the great Richard Lester), Help!, to A Hard Day's Night. When Help! finally hit VHS a few years later, I agreed. It's big, bold, colorful style and sly spy movie send-ups were, to my ten-year-old mind, sheer perfection.

In the years since, I've come back around to the general consensus, and prefer the faux-verite style and verbal wit of A Hard Day's Night. But I still love Help!, and it's the one I found on Google Video.

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