Friday, April 16, 2010

Today's New in Theaters- 4/16/10

Kick-Ass: The most controversial film review of the week has been Roger Ebert's one-star pan of Matthew Vaughn's comic book satire, taking particular issue with the violence doled out and inflicted upon 11-year-old "Hit Girl." The angry fan boy responses, accusing him of being "out of touch" and not "getting it," themselves don't "get it"--there are no absolutes in film criticism, kids. That element of the story hit a nerve with Rog, and he couldn't see past it; it happens. I don't forsee that road-block (it's all pretend, ya know), and Rich's recommendation carries some weight, so I'll check it out eventually.

Death at a Funeral: I will tell you this much: I'm still not convinced that a three-year-old British comedy was due for a Stateside remake just yet, particularly one that got the widespread attention and distribution as Frank Oz's picture did. But Neil LaBute is an interesting choice to direct (you might think he's a straight-up dramatist, but he knows his farce) and it's got a good cast. Ebert's rave might be in the minority, but this one at least appears to be worth a look.

The Joneses: There's a lot to like in this sharp satire of conspicuous consumption, though not the slapped-on happy ending, and not the trailers that give away the well-revealed premise.

The City of Your Final Destination: Merchant-Ivory movies are frequently boring. Yeah, I said it.

Handsome Harry: Bette Gordon's character drama has its issues (slightly monotonous construction, some uneven performances), but it's a heartfelt, evocative picture, and star Jamey Sheridan is just aces.

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