Friday, April 2, 2010

Today's New in Theaters- 4/2/10

Clash of the Titans: What they should do is, remake some movies from the '80s.

The Last Song: Wait, it's Miley Cyrus and Nicolas Sparks? It's the collaboration I've been dreaming of! Ebert's review is surprisingly positive (two and a half stars), but it's got one might good zinger: "Sparks recently went on record as saying he is a greater novelist than Cormac McCarthy. This is true in the same sense that I am a better novelist than William Shakespeare."

Why Did I Get Married, Too?: Here's a fun game you can play twice a year: whenever a new Tyler Perry movie comes out, go find a poster and count how many times his name is on it. You might have to take off your shoes and socks and use your toes! None of this would matter if he wasn't a terrible piece of shit filmmaker, but he is; Orndorf braved the picture and reports that it is "Perry's most obscenely obnoxious, morally bankrupt, and professionally ramshackle film to date." And that's saying something.

Leaves of Grass: Tim Blake Nelson's down-home philosphy-and-weed comedy is all over the place, tonally speaking, but it's a true original-- broadly funny, darkly disturbing, warm and sweet in equal measures-- and full-up with terrific performances.

Breaking Upwards: This low-budget New York indie rom-com sounds like hipster navel-gazing, but it's actually a refreshingly candid and painfully honest look at the long, slow, difficult end of a long-term relationship.

The Greatest: There's not much in it you haven't seen before, but this mournful family drama has some wonderful moments and provides a skilled cast with opportunities for strong, memorable work.

Don McKay: An absolutely befuddling hybrid of Hitchockian thriller and small-town drama, this oddball indie is an entertaining mess--but certainly a mess all the same.

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