Friday, May 14, 2010

Today's New in Theaters- 5/14/10

So what are your weekend movie-going plans looking like? What's that? All of this week's wide releases look terrible and you're just going to go see Iron Man 2? Yes, that's a good plan. What's that? You already saw Iron Man 2? You might want to see it again. The point is, whatever you do, don't go see Robin Hood.

Robin Hood: I don't mean to keep pounding the same note all week here, but you guys, I know some of you are gonna go see it, and I'm just trying to save you from wasting an ungodly amount of money on a dull, grim, unlikable movie that has astonishingly little to do with, you know, Robin Hood. But don't just take my word for it: Take Jamie Rich's. Or Drew McWeeny's. Or Todd McCarthy's. Or Roger Ebert's. Or Joe Morgenstern's. Or...

Letters to Juliet: Amanda Seyfried is pretty, and a decent actress, but blergh does this sound like a crushingly dull movie. AV Club gives it a C and pretty much confirms that feeling; Orndorf's review is along the same lines.

Just Wright: See, the title is clever, because her name is Wright, but when you say it out loud, it comes out "Just right!" Somebody got paid to think that up. ANYHOO, as much as I like Queen Latifah and Common, this sounds like a big stinker; the Voice gives it the big thumbs-down, and while Ebert hands over three stars, keep in mind that he's got a well-documented crush on the Queen and gives just a minimum of three to just about everything she's in.

Best Worst Movie: The new release of the week (in a few markets, anyway) is this uproariously funny and unfortunately honest look at what happens when you're in a really, really bad movie. Writer/director Michael Stevenson was a child actor when he starred in Troll 2, a legitimate contender for the title of worst movie ever made; he made this documentary when the picture's cheerful badness won it a cult following. Worth a look if you can track it down.

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