Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today's New DVDs- 7/13/10

Greenberg: It came wrapped in a bit of controversy, but Noah Baumbach's latest tale of misanthropy and anti-social behavior is one of his best--smart, prickly, witty, and altogether disinterested in tap-dancing for your approval. That indifference towards the standard rules of "likable" character engagement has certainly turned off plenty of the film's viewers, but if you've got the patience for it, Greenberg is a richly rewarding picture.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Vol. XVIII: Mike, Joel, and the 'bots return with another winner of a box set from the good folks at Shout Factory, featuring four solid entries from as early as season two and as late as season eight--including what may very well be my favorite episode of the entire run, the jaw-droppingly incompetant Beast of Yucca Flats.

Chloe: Brainy provocateur Atom Egoyan appears, at first, to be in top form, crafting a thrillingly adult (and tantilizingly sexy) tale of marital jealousy, fidelity, and deception. And then he fumbles the ball big-time in the third act, letting the whole thing crumble into a lost entry in the Poison Ivy series.

The GreatestPerformances are aces in this would-be weepie about a family grieving the loss of their son and embracing the pregnant girlfriend he left behind, but most of this has been done before-- most significantly, in co-star Susan Sarandon's superior 2003 effort Moonlight Mile.

Terribly Happy: I'm not sure what I was expecting from this Danish import, which came to our shores courtesy of the ever-reliable Oscilloscope Laboratories, but I certainly wasn't expecting a dark, twisty small-town noir in the Blood Simple mold. It's dark, unforgiving stuff, but a crackling good little thriller all the same.

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