Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Today's New DVDs- 7/20/10

Cop Out: It's not as bad as most critics said; it's also not as good as we've come to expect from director Kevin Smith. It is, mostly, an indie director appearing to have a great time making a mid-budget big studio movie with one of his heroes. There are worse crimes for a director to commit--like, say, responding to its critical failure by going on a campaign to make critics pay to see his films, and talking shit on critics who dare call that out as bullpuckey. But more on that later.

The Losers: This may very well be producer Joel Silver's Joel Siveriest movie to date-- a big, dumb mishmash of explosions and dopey jokes and wildly incongruent acting styles, given a shiny buff by energetic young director Sylvain White. But it has its moment-- stuff blows up real good, the pace is relentless, and the actors mostly seem in on the joke. It should find a nice home on disc.

The Most Dangerous Man in America- Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers: One of last year's Best Documentary nominees, this crackerjack nonfiction political thriller probes the story of the Pentagon Papers leak, one of the early dominoes of the Watergate scandal, with intensity and intelligence.

A Town Called Panic: This Belgian stop-motion action-comedy is a blast to watch, and has got a clever comic ingenuity. But it's all at the same pace, all at the same relentless pitch of barely-contained mania, and its unvarying tone grows downright monotonous by the picture's end.

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