Friday, July 9, 2010

Today's New in Theaters- 7/9/10

Predators: I was just the wrong age for Predator; it came out when I was about 11, just barely too young to see it, and I never really bothered to catch up. So the news that there's a new sequel or reboot or whatever isn't all that interesting to me, even though Robert Rodriguez is producing and the skilled Nimrod Antal (who did Vacancy) directs. But it gets high marks from both Rich and Orndorf at DVD Talk.  

Despicable Me: Computer animated 3-D family comedy. Sure you guys didn't wanna put a couple more weeks between this and Toy Story 3?

The Kids are All Right: Everybody is over the moon about this one-- Hoberman, Ebert, and Morgenstern all give it glowing reviews, and the latter calls it "a thrillingly funny and casually profound film." Hoping to see it this weekend; keep an eye out for the review.

The Girl who Played with Fire: Sometimes you have to just give up, because you missed something completely. The first Girl Who movie slipped right past me. I haven't read the books, I don't know what the hell's going on. It's like me and Glee at this point-- how do I know so little about these things that I'm already tired of hearing about?

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