Friday, August 27, 2010

Today's New in Theaters- 8/27/10

Ah, late August. This is when they release the best new movies!

Takers: It's like someone got all Inceptiony and went into my nightmares and put together the cast of people I'd least like to see in a movie, and put them all together. Between block of wood Paul Walker, Rihanna-beater Chris Brown, unaccountably smug Hayden Christensen, and T.I., who I'm too old to know or care about (he's got an impressive rap sheet, though), Idris Elba has got to start keeping better company.

The Last Exorcism: Look, I know it's getting some good reviews, but here's the thing: they made the definintive exoricism movie. You mighta heard of it? It was called The Exorcist. All you do when you make a movie like this is invite unfavorable comparisons.

Avatar (reissue): Mr. Cameron would like to mug you for a few more dollars with this new! improved! version of his bloated, inexplicable blockbuster. It's nine minutes longer! Yes, because if there was one real issue with Avatar, it's that IT WASN'T FUCKING LONG ENOUGH.

Mesrine: Killer Instinct: Here's the one I'd actually like to get around to, the first half of an two-part biographical epic starring Vincent Cassel as a notorious (and successful) French criminal. DVD Talk's Rich and Orndorf both give it high marks.

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