Friday, September 17, 2010

Hey look! Hate mail!

Greg Pearman writes:

I read your review of 'Casino Jack and the United States of Money' and...consider the film another leftist rant and the review an endorsement by a leftist critic.  Will we every see a documentary on the disgraced Democrats Rangel or Waters?  No, because they both give lip service to forcing the "greedy' rich to  redistribute their money (through government entities, who, of course, will take a share for themselves and the powerful public union (the beat paid workers in America, look it up) so they may build and rule bloated, incredibly wasteful federal agencies and programs). Rangel,Waters,and of course, the perjurer, Clinton, and their kind do this under the guise of helping the "victims" of poverty.  When a leftist politican is caught with his/her "hand in the cookie jar", it is considered simply a attempt to get social justice for the poor.  Until people like you wake up and understand putting more power into the hands of such people who KNOW what is "best" for the us as a
 society, is the greatest danger to us, there is no hope for any citizen of this country.  Give me corrupt, greedy corporations trying to screw me  out of my money over a group of corrupt politicians (mostly lawyers, do you really believe that is a good thing?) who are going to do what is best for the me by redistributing my income to a "fairer' way.

The quest for more power is the ultimate "greed".

Glad to see DVD Talk is getting some Tea-bagger traffic.

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