Friday, December 17, 2010

Is T.J. Miller America's Most Charmingly Delusional Actor?

As I'm sure you all know--what with all the websites and their countdown clocks--today is Yogi Bear day, when at long last Warner Brothers unleashes their thoroughly hatable 3-D grab for CG-animated holiday money (or, as its called in Hollywood board rooms, "Chipmunk Cheddar"). The reviews have been, well, somewhat less than kind. But at least one man has positive things to say about the film: supporting player T.J. Miller.

Miller's work as Ranger Jones, whose nefarious attempts to wreck Ranger Smith's gig as head ranger are apparently motivated by his desire to drive the park go-kart really fast (don't ask me, I dunno), was neither memorable enough nor unfortunate enough for me to even bother mentioning him in my review. But the young actor is beating the drum loudly for the picture, most notably in a Movieline interview that must be read to be believed. 

I feel for actors in bad films; the poor quality of the finished product is often beyond their control, and they're often contractually obligated to promote the film, whether it stinks or not. But Miller--seemingly a nice enough fellow--seems certifiably delusional about the film he's made. A few highlights:

  • "You know, I’m a pretty staunch defender of it as a piece of groundbreaking cinema."
  • "It's a pretty epic everyman tale and the characters go through some real journeys."
  • "If people would pay attention to it instead of writing it off as this stupid family kids movie, or try to compare it to Alvin and the Chipmunks and those other movies, it’s more the caliber of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"
  • "The studio does this huge marketing push for the American masses, so that turns off a lot of cinephiles. And it shouldn’t."
  • "Yogi I’ve seen several times. So I know that’s really enjoyable if you go into it with an open mind… and an open heart. An open heart is much more important."
So you hear that, cinephiles? Don't let the huge marketing push turn you off! Go in with an open mind and an open heart, and get ready for the next piece of groundbreaking cinema, just like Roger Rabbit!
It makes you wonder how over the moon T.J. Miller would be if he were ever in a good movie.

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  1. Hey Bailey. I've been in a lot of good movies. Some are on my IMDB. Also, I'm a comedian. So if you didn't understand the irony, you're just not very good at researching who you are quoting. But that's fine. I'm going to finish my pic-a-Nic basket of caviar and go to Sundance for the second time--I have another short I wrote an starred in that was selected again this year. But please yes, take everything I say at face value--it's the only possible explanation. Ding dong.

    -TJ "cinephile" miller