Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Here's Some Stuff I've Written for Flavorwire

So, as you may know (or have picked up), I'm doing a spring internship with the pop culture blog Flavorwire, and it's quite marvelous. I cross-posted my first few pieces here, but it doesn't make sense to do that, because if I post them right away, I'm potentially siphoning off my own traffic, and if I don't post them right away, then they're not timely anymore.

So I'll just pop on here every once in a while and post links of stuff I've written for them recently. Like these:

Oscar Nominations 2011: The Year's Biggest Surprises and Snubs
Why Kevin Smith's Red State Plan Might Not Be Crazy
A Brief History of Fake News
Five Ways to do Sundance from Home
10 Famous Sundance Rejects
Video of the Day: Every Line of Dialogue in "Lost Boys" is "Michael"
10 Memorable One-Actor Movies
10 Sundance Hits that Became Flops
Video of the Day: Martha Stewart and her Kitchen Skull
Six Fad Films that Missed the Boat
The 10 Best Movie Car Chases

Click them for me, won't you?

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