Friday, March 18, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, I shelled out a good chunk of change to go see Kevin Smith's Red State at Radio City Music Hall, where it was playing the first engagement of its spring "road show" tour, in advance of a self-distributed run in the fall. I knew I'd have to go out of pocket to do it, thanks to Smith's inexplicable war against film criticism, and was kind of fine with that-- I wanted to see the film (I remain an admirer, in spite of his feelings about my profession of choice), and knew that I'd probably be one of the first people to review it (outside of the Sundance Film Festival crowd). So I wrote the review, the end.

A week later, I suddenly got an email about it. And then another, within an hour or so. Something was clearly up; you don't just start getting emails of nowhere, a week after a review goes up. Sure enough, Smith had posted a link to the review on his Twitter feed-- actually, he'd re-tweeted a link that someone sent him, adding his comments. To wit:


Via @flashburn2012 "4-1/2 Star DVDTalk RedState review: Way to go!" And I almost teared-up reading. s'like I wrote it.

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