Friday, July 15, 2011

Some New Flavorwires

Well, new-ish.

10 Patriotic Movies That Aren’t Cheesy

The Fourth of July weekend is upon us, and it would seem appropriate to celebrate the birthday of the nation with a bit of America-lovin’ cinema. However, these films are not exactly known for their subtlety; the line between patriotism and jingoism is a fine one, and if you’re not careful, you may find yourself suffering through flag-waving pap like Independence Day and The Patriot. We like our Fourth of July cinema a little more perceptive than that; America is a complicated notion, an idea as much as a place, constantly redefining itself and expanding its own borders and definitions. After the jump, we’ve put together a few films that acknowledge that complexity, and find their drama within it.

‘Boyz N The Hood’ at 20: Where Are They Now?

Here’s a factoid that, if you’re about my age, will make you feel nice and old: It was 20 years ago today that Boyz n the Hood, John Singleton’s iconic coming-of-age-in-South-Central tale, first hit theaters. It was one of the 19 films released that year helmed by African-American directors in the wake of the critical and financial success of Spike Lee’s early efforts, which proved the existence of a passionate and underserved audience; that year also saw the release of New Jack City, The Five Heartbeats, A Rage in Harlem, Daughters of the Dust, and Lee’s own Jungle Fever. Never before had one calendar year seen so many films from black voices; sadly, it hasn’t happened since.

What Happens to Ratings When TV Shows Change Leads

Last night, CBS announced that departing CSI lead actor (and Boyz n the Hood alum) Laurence Fishburne will be replaced on the series next season by Ted Danson. Fishburne was himself a replacement for the show’s original leading actor, William Petersen, who fronted CSI for its first eight seasons before Fishburne took over. The ratings have dipped a touch in the last year, but it is still one of the most popular shows on television—a case where the series and the brand did just fine without the leading actor, and it will presumably continue to thrive once its third lead takes over. (All we have to say about Danson’s participation is this: he better still make time for Bored to Death.)

Our Favorite “Harry Potter” Parodies

Tomorrow, as we have been told many, many times, “it all ends.” Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, Part 2 marks the end of the lucrative, decade-long Harry Potter film franchise, which has yielded eight films, over two billion dollars in box-office revenues (so far) and more parodies and spoofs than you can shake a wand at. To mark the conclusion of the series, we gathered just a few of our favorite Potter parodies. Check them out after the jump, and add your own in the comments.

Trailer Park: Scorsese, Soderbergh, Spielberg… and Sandler

Welcome to “Trailer Park,” our regular Friday feature where we collect the week’s new trailers all in one place and do a little “judging a book by its cover,” ranking them from worst to best and taking our best guess at what they may be hiding. This week, we’ve got new films from Martin Scorsese, Steven Speilberg, Steven Soderbergh, and Guy Ritchie—but don’t get too excited, there’s a new Adam Sandler movie too. Check ‘em all out after the jump.

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