Monday, September 1, 2014

May I Suggest Some Labor Day Reading?

I wanted to give these two pieces one more push, since I'm proud of them, and what the hell, it's Labor Day, what else are you doing?

I'd been planning this look at sex, lies, and videotape for a while--since I spotted that its 25th anniversary was on the horizon, in fact. I wanted to do it for many reasons: My semi-obsession with Soderbergh, my love for the film, to explore its history further, etc. But mostly, I think it's an important film because from several standpoints (aesthetically, commercially, critically) it really was the beginning of the '90s indie movie movement, and it's my belief that, once we get a bit more distance from it, we'll see that moments as just as vibrant and vital as '70s Hollywood or the French New Wave. Anyway, I took a long look at how the film was made and how it changed the industry, and you can read it here.

While I was researching that piece, I discovered that The Dissolve was making Out of Sight their Movie of the Week, so I reached out to them with the idea of doing a piece that basically picked up where the sex, lies one left off--an analysis of the "wilderness years" between that first success and his comeback nine years later. To my delight, they bit, and so I got my first real byline (aside from a book excerpt) at this amazing site. You can read that one here.

I did both of these pieces like mini-books, following the same process that I've used on the two tomes thus far: rewatching the films, some intense research (too much research, usually), a lock-the-doors-bar-the-windows period for pounding out the piece itself, and many revisions, with the help of my in-house editor Rebekah, and the fine editors at these sites. And I'm proud of the results. Maybe I'll get to turn these into a book someday. Hmmmm....

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