Monday, August 24, 2015

We've Got a Trailer, We've Got Blurbs, We're Taking Preorders

As you may recall, I wrote a book a while back for The Critical Press called Richard Pryor: American Id. (I even wrote about writing it, on this very blog.) And then I sent away to my publisher, where my editors and I worked and reworked it and then they ran it through magical softwares that turned it from Microsoft Word documents into an honest-to-goodness book, which you will be able to read on either processed wood pulp or a small screen, whichever way you swing.

And while all that was happening, I reached out to the author of the best Richard Pryor biography, in addition to some of the writers I admire most in the fields of film and comedy. And lucky for me, they liked the book, and were even willing to admit it in writing.

So please enjoy some blurbs that make me very proud:

“Richard Pryor has become so revered that it’s easy to forget what an unusual and enigmatic man he really was. So we should be grateful to Jason Bailey for this fascinating, surprising and terrifically entertaining book that is as eccentric and sharp as its subject. Blending incisive critical analysis, including illuminating close reads of his legendary stand-up, and a newshound’s instinct for the revealing detail, he cuts through the legend to explain his titanic legacy in elegant prose that will make you see Pryor in a new light.”
—Jason Zinoman, comedy critic, The New York Times 

“Ingeniously organizing Richard Pryor’s groundbreaking career and epic life by theme, Jason Bailey gives movies and records equal weight to relative ephemera like interviews and talk show appearances, resulting in a fascinating analysis of the push-pull between an often seemingly reckless persona and the confession and craft behind Pryor’s art.”
—Karina Longworth, host, You Must Remember This 

“Powerful and compassionate. Jason Bailey understands not just Pryor’s historical significance, but the evolution of his art.” 
—Matt Zoller Seitz, author, The Wes Anderson Collection 

“Jason Bailey’s Richard Pryor is a sharp-eyed, quick-witted portrait of the comedian. Focused on telling moments when Pryor seemed to rewrite the rulebook of American culture, it refreshes our sense of what made Pryor so hilarious, so spell-binding, and so psycho- logically complex.”
—Scott Saul, author, Becoming Richard Pryor 

And not long after that, my good friend Mike Hull of Fifth Column Films was kind enough to shoot a trailer for the book, which came out amazing, which I can say without bragging because it's amazing-ness is entirely due to Mike being a terrific shooter and cutter. For the trailer, we decided to turn the prologue (shortened a bit, but still) into a documentary short. Here's what we came up with:

So if any of those blurbs or the trailer did the job they're supposed to do, you should currently be in a state of panic--I must read this book, how can I do that?!?! To which I first say calm down, and then I mention that it will be out in the fall (the official publication date is November 3, but that somehow means it'll be available, I dunno, I don't understand publishing).

BUT! You can pre-order it now, to be extra-super-certain that you'll get it as soon as possible. First off, you can pre-order the paperback directly from The Critical Press here. It's $15--A BARGAIN (and they've got it on sale for 35% off today only). Now, if you're more of an Amazon person and would rather have it show up in a box with your case of coffee or diapers or whatever, here's the link to buy the paperback from them. And finally, if you're an e-reader, you can pre-order the Kindle version from Amazon, which means the moment it's available, it'll show up on your Kindler or tablet or iPhone or however the hell you kids read the books nowadays.

So there's your big update on the book. Have I mentioned how proud I am of it? I'm very proud of it. I hope you'll buy a copy, and I hope you enjoy it, and thus concludes this commercial announcement.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Some Reasonably Good Things I Wrote This Summer

If you've ever wondered exactly how terrible Blogger is, look at the image above. That's a pop-up button that is now part of the page where you compose a new blog entry--in fact, it covers over the bottom corner of the window, which is one more thing to complain to Blogger about.

POINT IS, that's why I haven't had new links up for a while; this back-end that I have unfortunately hitched my domain name to is a nightmare of mis-matched fonts, ugly links, and utterly nonsensical garbage-filled HTML. It is, I should mention, a free service. You certainly get what you paid for.

Anyway, I've written a few new things that I sort of like.