Sunday, September 18, 2016

I Wrote These Things: Weeks Ending 9/17

I spent a good chunk of the last two weeks attending and preparing for the Toronto International Film Festival - so, unsurprisingly, most of what I published in that period was TIFF-based. For example:

  • My preview of all the things I was looking forward to, most of which did not disappoint.
  • Day 1: Gimme Danger, Dog Eat Dog, American Honey, and The Salesman, plus I cheated and wrote about Sully.
  • Day 2Nocturnal Animals, Arrival, A Monster Calls, and Amanda Knox.
  • Day 3: Mascots, Snowden, Beauties of the Night, and Water and Sugar.
  • Day 4: The Handmaiden, Queen of Katwe, A United Kingdom, (re)ASSIGNMENT, and Gringo.
  • Day 5: Blair Witch, Loving, Jackie, The B-Side, and The War Show. 
  • Day 6: La La Land, Una, The Bad Batch, and Into the Inferno.
  • Day 7: Free Fire, Their Finest, The Secret Scripture, and ABACUS: Small Enough to Jail.

And then I went a bit longer on Snowden. And, of course, Blu-ray/DVD/VOD guides for 9/6 and 9/13.

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