Saturday, December 3, 2016

I Wrote These Things: Weeks Ending 12/3

The big one for these two weeks is my big cover story on how awards season is taking over the movie-going calendar. Talked to some very good, thoughtful writers on the beat, and came up with something reasonably helpful, I hope.

I reviewed Jackie, which is so much better than it sounded.

I reviewed Moana, and it is lovely.

I was low on space Thanksgiving week and didn't have room for full reviews of Allied or Miss Sloane, but there are capsules for them here.

Also, our annual movie geek gift guide dropped. It's packed.

And we ran our jam-packed December indie guide.

For Second Glance, I went back to Robert Zemeckis's very first feature, the charming Beatlemania caper I Wanna Hold Your Hand.

For Bad Movie Night, I looked at the bonkers Canadian cable-access Terminator rip-off Phobe: The Xenophobic Experiments, and got a little personal.

And, of course, BD/DVD/VOD guides for 11/22 and 11/29.