Monday, January 30, 2017

I Wrote These Things: Post-Sundance Edition

Hey, I'm finally not only back from Sundance, but caught back up from Sundance! That can take just as long as the festival itself. Here's some stuff I've written about it, and after:

First of all we did our customary Sundance preview, which usually gets way more traffic than any of the actual reviews, so insert sad commentary on the culture of anticipation here.

And I did the diary thing at Sundance this year:
Day 1: An Inconvenient Sequel and The Little Hours.

Day 2: Landline, The Incredible Jessica James, Ingrid Goes West, and Person to Person.

Day 3: The Big Sick, Mudbound, The Hero, and Before I Fall.

Day 4: To the Bone, Wind River, Wilson, and Gook.

Day 5: Manifesto, The Polka King, Lemon, and Tell Them We Are Rising.

Day 6: Nobody Speak, Marjorie Prime, Golden Exits, and 78/52.

Day 7: Oklahoma City, Quest, Trophy, and final thoughts.

I also reviewed Gold, which has McConaughey hitting some awfully familiar notes.

As well as The Salesman, which is genius.

Bad Movie Night is back, and I finally did The Happening.

And, of course, a home media guide for 1/24.

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