Friday, December 15, 2017

I Wrote These Things, Mostly in Early December

The end of the year is a bleary-eyed blur, in which you're just desperately trying to get all the things filed, do all the holiday stuff, and maybe even sleep on occasion. Here are some things I've written lately, or at least the ones I can remember.

I returned to Slate for this piece on The Post, and All The President's Men, and Katharine Graham's representation (or lack thereof) in both.

The Fall of 1997 series continues over at Vice! Here's column number six, on Good Will Hunting and The Sweet Hereafter, and column number seven, covering Titanic, Amistad, and Kundun.

I made a list for NY Times Watching of movies you can see in The Shape of Water. And I also reviewed the movie for Flavorwire.

Also for Flavorwire on the review front: a little something about the Star Wars picture. It's great!

I wrote about the unsurprising but still stupid responses of male actors to the John Oliver/Dustin Hoffman thing.

'Tis the season, so I did new listicles of insane Christmas songs and streaming holiday movies. And a gift guide!

There are DVD/VOD guides, of course, for 11/28, 12/5, and 12/12.

Plus the usual streaming guide and indie guide for December. Not too late to enjoy those!

Galleries! Look, it's old movie stars getting all holiday spirit-y!

And a bunch of posters for classic Christmas movies!

Some charming stuff from Kate Micucci's show at Gallery1988.

And finally, some illustrations from Folio Society's new Bond books.

I can't imagine I'll do this again before the holidays, so y'know, happy holidays!

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