Friday, September 1, 2017

I Wrote These Things: Week Ending 9/2

So this week I wrote two fairly big things that I'm pretty proud of. First of all, I wrote this piece on Fiona Apple, and specifically the night, 20 years ago, when she accepted an MTV VMA and told everyone who'd listen that this world is bullshit. True then, even more true now.

And I wrote a big thing about the marvelous erotica of Radley Metzger, aka "Henry Paris." For this piece, I literally had to watch porn for work. Beats breaking rocks.

I meant to just write a quickie news piece on how our president can't spell a simple goddamn four-letter world properly, and it turned into this.

I did the usual top-of-the-month movie guides: the best indies in theaters, and the best movies on the streaming services.

And, of course, your BD/DVD/VOD guide.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

I Wrote These Things: Weeks Ending 8/26

I reviewed Logan Lucky, which is glorious, and some of you didn't see it, shame on you.

And, related to that, did a listicle of the best movie heists.

Wrote a little something about our racist garbage goblin president's response to Charlottesville.

And I did a brief but genuine Fall Movie Preview.

Also reviewed Patti Cake$, which has its problems.

And I wrote about the very good bio-doc Whitney: Can I Be Me.

Did a Second Glance on Cop Land, and a Bad Movie Night on Ninja III: The Domination.

And here's your BD/DVD/VOD guides for 8/15 and 8/22.