Wednesday, December 12, 2018

I Wrote These Things: Fall 2018 Edition

No need for the usual "ugh, haven't done this in too long" apologies, let's just do it, here we go:

For the New York Times:

A brief history (and, along the way, something of an etymology) of the "director's cut."

A round-up of Orson Welles movies, pegged to the Netflix debut of The Other Side of the Wind.

And along the same lines, a look at movies lost (partially or entirely) and found.

Plus, some recommended reading by William Goldman, on the occasion of his passing.

For Vulture:

A brief history of the X-rated movie (like, before it meant porn).

Inspired by Bad Times at the El Royale, a look at the good and bad Pulp Fiction knock-offs.

A bunch of Halloween content: a deep dive into the making and release of the original, a ranking of the entire series, and a round-up of the new entry's callbacks.

From the Tallgrass Film Festival, I interviewed Pam Grier and Martin Starr.

And from the International Film Festival and Awards at Macau, I covered Nicolas Cage's Master Class.

For Flavorwire: 

I was so mad about FilmStruck closing, I wrote about it. Twice.

I had cancelled MoviePass, so I tried Sinemia. It did not go well!

Festival coverage! Here's a preview and wrap-up of the New York Film Festival, and a wrap-up of Tallgrass too.

And here are reviews, of Suspiria, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, and Roma.